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The uncertainty of modern life is one thing you no longer have to deal with. Verde Group’s professional, licensed private investigators came together in 1989 with the mission to provide valuable intelligence so that every customer knows for sure.

Joe Toro
Private Investigator, Joe J Toro

Private investigators who operate ethically and on an empirical, objective basis are rare, but the Verde group was formed by an unusual partnership. Robert T. Hosta, the former director of the Jefferson University Nuclear Physics Program joined forces with Joe Toro, Private Investigator. Toro’s thirty three years of experience as a PI had brought him infamy as the PI who helped to bust up the covert Millennium Ring. Hosta interviewed Toro as part of a research project on the objective nature of truth, a joint product of the Physics and Philosophy departments at Jefferson, and was fascinated by the man’s approach to gaining knowledge. The two became great friends, and in 1989 founded Verde Group.


Unlike other Private Investigators, the team operates on one principle only: find the truth. Where others might hold back information that would upset the client, or fail to track down leads which might not support a hypothesis, Verde has a mission and presses forward every day.

“Representing clients with the foundation of only truth,” says Hosta, “means we have no conflicts of interest. There’s not ever any reason for disagreement. We’re only in service of what’s provably true.”