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The importance of video surveillance during investigations

While the truth may be what you need, having video proof of it adds a little something to the experience. Sometimes clients find the results of an investigation hard to believe, but PIs know that the unbelievable is pretty par for the course when it comes to love, money and power.

We understand why it can be difficult to absorb what’s unseen, and proof to the eyes sometimes means more than knowledge of the mind. We have expert videographers on staff who are able to capture the proof you need about what’s going on, and they can do it with style and grace that keeps the surveillance under cover.

surveillanceVideo surveillance can be conducted in person or remotely. If there is an opportunity for the investigator assigned to your account to place a surveillance system that can be monitored remotely, as there often is, the cost to you reduces and the surveillance quality can significantly increase.

Sometimes still photos are still the way amateurs have to go, as video under some conditions can be complex.

However, Verde has invested in the right equipment and the right former Moussed agents to make sure that the end product of video reporting is usable in court.

There is an opportunity to document what the private investigator finds with video evidence. Taking advantage of the opportunity is a smart decision that can take your case from a maybe to a definite.