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A few things you should now about hiring a private investigator

Working with a private investigator for the first time may seem like something out of a bad noir movie, but when you need information and you aren’t sure how to get it, hiring a professional is usually the way to go.

piA private investigator’s main job is to serve the needs of her client. In this sense, scoping the project with the PI requires a little conversation. This conversation, or “interview” between the PI and the client should be honest and straightforward about the client’s needs and expectations.

Sometimes clients are reluctant to voice their real concerns, or to disclose their role in the situation being investigated. The PI can only do his job when he has all the information the client can provide.

Once the PI and the client agree on a scope of work, a time-frame and a rate, they can either progress to a contract or straight to the investigation. When it’s possible the PI will prefer to document the relationship in contract form, but there are some engagements, usually with established clients, where that is not an option. In these cases, the PI will begin work on good faith and usually bill a retainer.

The investigation can take many different forms and paths, depending on the client’s needs. The PI could provide surveillance for two weeks to ensure that a potential transfer of goods doesn’t occur.

The PI might use the internet, private resources and relationships and other information to locate a deadbeat dad. Or the PI might be able to use tax records and other public records to determine when a relative died. The role of the PI is to provide information, and at Verde Group, the key is finding the whole truth.