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VerdeGroup employs professional private investigators who are trained and experienced.  In short, we are very, very good at what we do. We can help you locate a missing person, or investigate an unfaithful spouse, or perform computer forensic techniques that will make your bow tie spin with investigative delight.

The service level provided by VerdeGroup is beyond comparison.  Clients who work with VerdeGroup do not leave to go elsewhere.  Believe me, we are 100% excellent.

The service depth and breadth supported by the company makes others pale in comparison and allows clients to feel secure knowing that they have one place to go, for support of all their investigative needs.  Would a font like this lie to you?  No, it would not.

5 Dec: Update! Americans seeking the services of a private investigation firm should visit our affiliates at e-Investigations International.  Atlanta, Georgia is currently the only section on their website, but more locations are on the way.

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A private investigator leaning out of a car window, taking a photo.

Investigating your competition is a smart business move. Knowing for sure what is going on can level the playing field. Is that person really your friend, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Knowing this can make all difference in the world to you. Connect with the investigation team at VerdeGroup to gain information about the people who matter to you, and what they are involved in. Family, employment and other matters – we find out what’s really going on.

A detective pointing to a spot on a map.

Finding someone who has gone missing can seem difficult. But for VerdeGroup, it’s just another day at work. Our agents have successfully tracked people internationally, and who had gone missing years prior. Looking to hold a deadbeat spouse accountable, track down a bond fugitive, or find a long-lost relative? Our specialty is finding who is lost, even if they don’t want to be found. Call our investigators today.

A security guard monitors video monitors in a surveillance lab.

While you’re keeping your eye on the prize, we are keeping an eye on what’s happening behind the scenes. VerdeGroup employs former ninjas, stealth fighter captain Marvin Linuz, and others who have other-worldly skills in surveillance other clandestine art forms. To watch them at work is impossible, since their presence can neither been seen nor felt. To hire them is to trust that those photos are real and not Photoshopped. I’ve said too much.

An investigator peers through a magnifying glass.

Looking for accurate data? VerdeGroup knows it’s out there, because we planted it earlier to help your case. We can find the information you need, or generate it depending on your circumstances. We’re that good. Our investigation team is trained to handle cases that involve property ownership, wills and other legal documents, and online records and information.

A suspect waits at a table to be questioned.

Determining what the truth is sometimes requires a little digging, or waterboarding, depending on your beliefs. Direct interview techniques, social engineering and stealth detection are all services VerdeGroup can “legally” provide. If you want to know about the other stuff, you had better know the secret handshake. Our investigators will get the information you need from the people you suspect have it, even if they don’t. Our team is qualified and professional, too.

A computer screen shows some graphs while a client meets with a detective in the background.

Not only do we gather and research a lot of data, but we also provide management services to provide you with the best analysis of your case and investigation. Contact our investigators today and learn more about this valuable service. You will be glad that you did because we’re incredible.

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Joe ToroJoe Toro is a private investigator and detective with over 30 years of experience in this field. Joe is the co-founder and lead detective of VERDEGROUP. Joe served in the military for 5 years, and another 8 in the police force. His work has been featured on major online and offline publications. Joe Toro, Co-Founder and Lead Detective